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Simone Moore is a bi-coastal artist, writer and actress in film, TV and stage. She was recently seen on stage as a rich and complex queen Gertrude in Hamlet, Tish James, In the Footprint with The Civilians Theater Company in New York (critical acclaim New York Times), Helena in A Midsummer Nights Dream, and she received critical acclaim for her turn as Sylvia in the Two Gentlemen of Verona by the Los Angeles Times.

Born in Montego Bay, Jamaica and raised in Brooklyn, New York City, Simone received her MFA at University of California at San Diego where she studied under master teachers and directors such as Des McAnuff, Tina Landau, Fiona Shaw, Darko Tresnjak and Lisa Harrow of the RSC. She completed studies at the Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris, France.

Simone is a soulful singer and designer. Her interests include travel, Afro Cuban Dance, rammed earth and other forms of sustainable architecture. She speaks Jamaican Patois, English and French.

Simone can currently be seen on the HBO series Random Acts of Flyness and will be performing the role of Betty in Gunshot Medley at the Rogue Machine Theatre in Los Angeles.

Looking forward to working in the next Emmy Award winning ABC series or in any feature opposite Chiwetel Ejiofor directed by Christopher Nolan or Biyi Bandele.




Random Acts of Flyness: Coretta Scott King: HBO, Terence Nance
Lauren: Recurring: WIGSCO, Jon Avnet
Cold Case: Recurring: CBS, Alex Zakrzewski, dir.
Mrs. Washington Goes To Smith: Starring Role: ABC, Armand Mastroianni
Canned: Guest Star: Gary Halvorson
Without A Trace: Guest Star: CBS, Martha Mitchell, dir.
Boston Legal: Guest Star: ABC, Steve Robin, dir.
All Of Us: Co-Star: CW, Alfonso Ribeiro, dir.
Franklin and Bash: TNT, John Landis, dir.


Dreams Are Colder Than Death: Featured: Arthur Jafa, Khalil Joseph
The Prospects: Lead: David Brundige
Belly 2: Millionaire Boyz Club: Featured: Ivan Frank, dir.
Notorious: Featured: George Tillman Jr.
Arc: Lead: Rob Gunnerson, dir.


Hamlet: Gertrude: Claire Kelly, Shakes on Sound, NYC
In The Footprint: Tish James: Steve Cosson, The Civilians, NYC
Beauty: Madeleine: Tina Landau, La Jolla Playhouse
Huck and Holden: Michelle: Claudia Weill, Black Dahlia Theatre
A Midsummer Night's Dream: Helena: Ben Donenberg, Shakespeare Center
Two Gentlemen of Verona: Sylvia: Ben Donenberg, Shakespeare Center
Sex and Work: Dumbolu: Rick Pagano, Lillian Theatre, LA
Treat Yourself Like Cary Grant: Hallie, Rick Pagano, Lillian Theatre, LA
Fools In Love: Woman: Odyssey Theatre, LA
Ain’t Supposed to Die…: Tomboy: Classical Theatre of Harlem, NYC
Macbeth: Lady MacDuff: Classical Theatre of Harlem, NYC
Home: Patty Mae: Woodie King Jr., NYC
A Kwanzaa Tale: Woman: Henry Street Settlement, NYC


MFA, University of California San Diego, Theatre and Dance Program, BA, cum laude
La Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris, France
Acting: Diane Venora, Tony Greco, Kyle Donnelly
On-Camera Technique: Eric Kline, Lisa Robertson Studio
Shakespeare: Lisa Harroe (RSC), Jim Winkler, Des McAnuff
Improv: Second City
Singing: Linda Vickerman (UCSD), Reggie Segaris (NYC), Lissie Moitiere (Paris)
Dance: Rex Nettleford (Jamaica), Jackie Guy, Patsy Ricketts, Jean Isaacs (Performances in France and West Indies)
Specialities: Singer: Soprano, Blues, Jazz, R&B, Tai Chi, Stage Combat, Dance-Hall Reggae, Afro-Caribbean Dance, Yoga. Dialects: many accents, conversational French, Jamaican Patois, African dialects. Stylist, Decorator, Art Teacher




In The Footprint

“Donnetta Lavinia Grays burns with righteous indignation as Bertha Lewis, a community leader who staunchly supported the project, delivering a fiery tirade against the “gentrifiers” who oppose it. She is the temperamental opposite of Simone Moore’s Brooklyn city councilwoman, Tish James, who fights the plan with an air of reasoned, implacable rectitude.”

Charles Isherwood for the New York Times

Two Gentlemen of verona

“As Julia and Silvia, Cheryl Tsai and Raina Simone Moore represent women united in the struggle for equal rights for all, with Tsai as a flowers-in-her-hair type who is at once idealistic and resolute, Moore as someone with the strength to carry the world on her statuesque, model-perfect shoulders.”

Daryl H Miller for the LA Times

“Simone Moore is a strong Silvia - her go-go boots speak of a "talk to the hand" attitude and she is completely believable when she not only rejects Proteus's advances but tells him he should be ashamed for even trying.

Sharon Perlmutter for Talkin’ Broadway

"Simone Moore's Silvia could pass as a go-go dancer at the Whiskey." 

— Bondo Wyszpolski for Easy Reader

Midsummer Night’s Dream

"Star-crossed lovers, played to the comedic hilt by…the amazing Simone Moore who comes up with a distinctive Eve Arden-inspired deadpan delivery for her Helena."

Travis Michael Holder for Entertainment Today

“As Helena, Simone Moore stands by pining for Demetrius”

Charlotte Stoudt for the LA Times


Sex & WOrk

“Also outstanding is Moore, who has a strong stage presence."

Dave Depino for Backstage

“…and Caribbean beauty Madeline (Simone Moore), who attempts to bring some integrity into Rico’s life. Moore is endearing as the woman who believes her love will change Rico."

Julio Martinez for Variety

Fools In Love

"My favorite was a black beauty named Simone Moore. This young woman has poise, timing, sexual, and social appeal. I can't help but think, one day I'll be at the movies, leaning into my 1054 date, saying, "Hey, I saw her when she was in Evelyn Duboff's play"

— PEN Fiction


“It's his co-star Simone Moore who steals the show though. Playing Maya Gibbs, a prostitute not so much with a heart of gold as a head full of William James, she is witty, honest, and the real soul of the piece.”

— Shadowlocked LA

“Equally impressive is the debut of Simone Moore, who brings refreshing earthiness and wit to what could have been a stock character. Simone Moore is immensely attractive and engaging as girl who naively wants to make it big as a high class call girl, there are several heavies and they are all realistic."

Huck and Holden

"Please don't approach this sharp, engaging romantic comedy as an academic exercise. The spirited young cast certainly doesn't in the Black Dahlia Theatre's accomplished and thoroughly enjoyable staging of Joseph's cross-cultural odyssey about a visiting engineering student from Calcutta who finds more than he bargained for when he enters a college library in search of the books. Amid the precarious stacks of books that compose Craig Siebels' set, the very traditional Navin (played with pitch-perfect nerdiness by Kunal Nayyar) meets student librarian Michele ( Simone Moore), a pretty, outgoing voice major who takes an immediate liking to him."

Philip Brandes for the LA Times

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